Our Services

Our Services

Providing Professional Help

We help with design, planning, building regulations and specialise in home extensions, if you are thinking of extending your home than please contact us.

Our services start with a free home visit, we listen to your ideas and help you to see other design outcomes.

During the visit we will assess if planning permission is required and any problems that may hold back your project.

Once we understand your needs a we will provide a formal fee cost for your approval.

We consider gaining planning permission as part of the design process and approach it in much the same way i.e. obtain as much information, before making a decision. Assessing the feasibility of a project at the early stages can save a lot of time, money and disappointment. Because of this approach we have enjoyed a very high success rate in obtaining planning permission.

Clients tend to think that gaining planning permission is an adversarial process, this is a misconception, as in reality it is nothing more than aligning your project as closely as possible to the National and Local Planning rules and regulations, if this is achieved and coupled with good design,then it is likely the application will succeed.

The majority of planning applications are now submitted and paid for on-line through the Planning Portal and are distributed to your local planning authority from there.

Most building projects, require building control approval and this is where we can help, because we can provide a full set of building regulation drawings and specifications for any project.

These are the working drawings that your building contractor will require to build from and this ensures that they are working to current British building regulations standards.

These are also the drawings that the building control officer will use to inspect the building work, when doing the site inspections.

We recommend the use of LABC or Local Authority Building Control, they are competitive on price and completely independent. They will be working for you to make sure the builder or contractor’s work complies with all parts of the approved building regulations

Extending your home starts with a free, initial visit lasting approximately one hour, depending on the size of your project. …!

After the opening discussion to establish your requirements, we will produce sketched architectural design options, if required, working with you around your kitchen table.  This collaborative process aims to give you a design proposal by the end of the visit.  These drawings can form the basis of early discussion with planners, neighbours and even builders.

Having a down to earth pragmatic, functional approach.  With years of direct on site experience – meaning we can bridge the gap between paper based theory and practical on site building practice.  We work fast, meeting deadlines and guarantee that our advice is independent and given in good faith.

We are familiar with all aspects of the planning process, including the complexities of Listed Building applications, work in Conservation Areas the Building Regulations and the Party Wall Act.  We can also advise on sourcing of a suitable and reliable builder.


Visualisation is the use of rendered designs, used to show clients the produced design within a natural setting, these are produced using a variety of software programs like:-

  • AutoDesk Revit
  • AutoDesk 3D Max
  • Photoshop

The above image is a good example of a rendered visualisation.


Is a historic feature that effects our every day lives, it’s initial function was to create an internal environment that sheltered us from  the external environment.

Through out history its trends have undergone radical change or phases with words describing them like Classic, Modernistic or Brutalism. Technology also plays its part in altering architectural influences as do modern materials.


The construction methods that we us may be a traditional heavy building technique, or a more modern lightweight construction, but both methods require aligning and conforming with the building regulations. We are well versed in all types of construction at both domestic scale and larger commercial projects.




Interior design is both a multifaceted and singular profession and it is an art that is in our every day life, we all practice interior design to some degree if you have chosen the colour and painted a room its a part of interior design, lighting, colour, fabric and are accomplished through the following:-

  • Space Planning,
  • Research
  • Concept Design